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We all want to live a full life, and according to scripture that means living a life of generosity! Whenever we think about generosity...we first must look to Jesus as our prime example. We see him being generous with his time, his love and his very life. We have been made rich by him in forgiveness, eternal life and God's presence with us to name just a few gifts from Him! Since God has loved us with His generous love, we ought to be generous people as well. We will find as we fall into the flow of God's generosity and become givers as God is a giver, we will move towards the life which is truly life! Let's get moving!

Message #4 11-23-2014 SERIES Message #4 11-23-2014

How rich am I towards God?

Message #3 11-16-2014 SERIES Message #3 11-16-2014

His eye is on the sparrow!

Message #2 11-9-2014 SERIES Message #2 11-9-2014

Generosity Message 2: Believe it or not you are rich! It may not feel…

Message #1 11-2-2014 SERIES Message #1 11-2-2014

Generosity Message 1: We all have bills to pay and financial commitments…